Nenagh Coursing 1984


I come from a family with a long and proud history of coursing in Nenagh. As such, the following footage is precious to me for many reasons. However, it will also be precious to my fellow Nenagh Coursing Club members, their family and friends plus a host of coursing people around the country who will remember many of the great people who feature throughout.

For the wider audience, this is a chance to see the widely lauded and now retired slipper Johnny Doyle in one of his final displays before a first appearance with dogs in slips at Powerstown Park when he made his debut there at the 1985 renewal, just a matter of weeks after this footage was shot. Younger visitors will recognise some of the prefixes that still exist today and meet the man responsible for the famous "Chubbys" name; they will also see the people who carried his tradition through the modern era with great success when just a courting couple in 1984!

For my fellow club members this will be a poignant watch, just as it was for me. The large majority of those interviewed have passed to their eternal rest, my own grandparents, who gratefully introduced me to the sport, included. Many people I looked up to or were responsible for my development in my formative years of the sport, friends and parents of friends that I retain to this day, gone! But they left us a wonderful legacy as they carved a way forward for the rest of us in coursing and are directly responsible for all the joy it brings us today.

I'll admit, I welled up once or twice. I also blushed for while I will embarrass one or two with this video, I did not avoid a retrospective reddening from the great Tommy O'Dwyer who claimed the microphone for interviews with the working members. Remaining extremely gracious, albeit with a dig or two here and there, he performs like only a true sportsman could having just lost the final of the Six To Five All Age Cup. But I also laughed as it brought back fabulous memories of wonderful times.

I could type all day about the people in this video but I'll single out no more and let you all enjoy a look back at what were special times for so many. If you are a young coursing enthusiast stumbling across this footage, make sure you show it to your parents. They will certainly recognise a few faces and probably remember a few of the dogs too. If you are in your advancing years, direct the younger members of your family or club to the videos and give them a small look at our coursing history and some of the people who paved the way for the rest of us.

For my fellow Nenagh members and the families of these great people who have passed, I sincerely hope that you all enjoy this as much as I have. Sobbing, blushing and laughing all the way! It was a Christmas present to me last year and I believe sharing it now is a Christmas present to the sport. Priceless!

Sunday Morning action (Pre-Interval)

Interviews at first interval

S/Finals & Finals

Post Coursing Interviews (Brilliant)

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