Tuesday, 14 March 2017

National Greyhound Sales

Below is the link to the live streaming of the National Greyhound Sales which take place in Curraheen Park Greyhound Stadium this Saturday March 25th 


The second National Greyhound Sales is fast approaching, as Curraheen Park prepares to host the event on Saturday 25th March. The Cork event follows the success of one hosted in Shelbourne Park in August 2016.

The “Lets Get Racing” event will be open to both unraced & raced greyhounds. In order to qualify for the sales, greyhounds must have recorded A6 or N1 grade.  The focus for this event is to encourage syndicates to get involved in greyhound ownership.

The “Let’s Get Racing Initiative” was developed by the Sales and Ownership Committee, which includes representatives of the IGB Regulation & Welfare Department, Greyhound Stadia and Greyhound Industry representatives. The event is supported by sponsors Red Mills and www.FFKSires.com and Droopys Stud.

All greyhounds purchased at this sale will be eligible for exclusive entry into two stakes - one for previously raced greyhounds and one for Unraced.  Both 525yd Sweepstakes will be held in April, with an expected combined prize fund of over €20,000.  The winners' prize-money for both stakes is €4,000.  There will also be a consolation stake for all greyhounds beaten in the first round, therefore guaranteeing each greyhound at least two runs.  There will also be a prize of €500.00 for each of the main stakes to the last remaining bitch.

Speaking at the launch of the initiative in January, Phil Meaney, Chairman of the Irish Greyhound Board said “The inaugural National Greyhound Sales hosted in 2016 was an exciting opportunity for the Irish public to become involved in Greyhound Ownership and saw the highest price ever paid for an Irish greyhound at auction.  Based on the success of that event, the concept has now been developed to focus on attracting syndicates to greyhound ownership.   All of the greyhounds will be ready to race, and new owners will have the chance to get involved straight away with entry to the sales sweepstakes being hosted in Curraheen Park Greyhound Stadium.  I would like to particularly acknowledge again the sponsorship and support of Red Mills and www.ffksires.com and Droopys Stud in bringing this project to life. ”

Further information on the event, and Greyhound Ownership, can be found on www.ownagreyhound.ie.

Conditions of Sales:
•        Maximum number of entries to be 80
•        All greyhounds entered must be whelped October 2014 or later
•        All greyhounds entered must have at least one successful qualifying trial over 525 Yards and be A6 or better if raced or N1 or better if Unraced
•        All Sales Entries to be made to: Sales Office, Curraheen Park Greyhound Stadium, Curraheen, Cork.
•        Standard Sales Entry Forms and I.D. Cards and Entry Fee of €20 to accompany all entries
•        Closing date for sales entries is after racing Saturday 18th March
•        Catalogue to be drawn up with raced greyhounds first (sorted by age with youngest first) followed by unraced greyhounds (sorted by age with youngest first)

•        Raced greyhounds to trial against raced greyhounds and unraced greyhounds to trial against unraced greyhounds

•        Weigh in to commence at 8.30am with Sales Trials commencing at 9am
•        All Sales Trials to be run over 525 Yards
•        No Seeding in Unraced  Sales Trials
•        Seeding for raced greyhounds to be specified on Entry Form
•        All greyhounds which run Sales Trials to go on bench
•        The Identity Cards for greyhounds which are not sold are to be held for two weeks following Sales
•        All greyhounds to be available for inspection by potential purchasers
•        All greyhounds trailing at the Sales to be tested on the day with greyhounds being tested after their Sales Trials
•        All greyhounds to be kennelled up after trialling
•        Samples to be taken at the Sales pursuant to the Greyhound Industry (Racing) Regulations 2007
•        All greyhounds have to be paid for on the day
•        Commission 5.45% (includes vat)
•        The facility to complete Transfer of Ownership to be available on the day of the Sales
•        Auction to commence at 11am - Auction to conclude at 2pm
•        Sale of all greyhounds at these Sales is subject to greyhounds being permitted to run in the follow-on Sweepstakes

Eligibility for Follow-on Stakes:
•        Greyhounds which are sold through the Auction
•         Greyhounds withdrawn from the Auction unsold providing that the owner has paid the commission on the unsold price (i.e. commission on the last recorded bid)
•        Greyhounds tested which return an Adverse Analytical Finding will not be eligible for the Stake
•        All greyhounds sold at the Sales are to be transferred into the names of the new owners prior to the draws for the Follow-on Sweepstakes

Conditions for Follow-on Stakes:
•        A Sweepstake for the Raced greyhounds and a Sweepstake for the Unraced greyhounds will be organised for the greyhounds which are sold through the Auction and for the greyhounds withdrawn from the Auction unsold providing that the owner has paid the commission on the unsold price
•        Each Sweepstakes (Entry Fee €20) to carry a winners prize of €4000 with a prize of €500 available for the last remaining bitch in each event
•        Greyhounds which are eliminated from the First Round of Sweepstakes may enter into a further Sweepstake (Free Entry) which will carry a winners prize of €1000
•        Greyhounds listed as reserves for Main Sweep must run in Main Sweep if required

Friday, 10 March 2017

IGB Responds to RTE Prime Time Show

The Irish Greyhound Board wishes to respond to a number of aspects of the Prime Time programme on the industry broadcast last night.

Live Baiting

The footage of live baiting from Australia was shocking and distressing. IGB absolutely condemns the practice which is cruel, shameful and has no part in the greyhound industry. The practice would rightly expose any perpetrator to criminal prosecution in Ireland.


IGB operates the most intensive testing regime of any sport in Ireland. Annually, it drug tests between 5,000 and 6,000 greyhounds at races, trials, sales and out of competition. Relative to the scale of racing and testing, the percentage of positive tests which might reflect a deliberate attempt to affect performance is extremely low. Irish greyhound racing compares very favourably when benchmarked against other racing jurisdictions and the notion of Irish greyhound racing being the “embodiment of drug cheating” is not sustainable.

All positives are reported to the Control Committee, an independent group established by statute, whose members include those with pharmacological, legal and veterinary expertise, supported by investigative resources. They, not IGB, adjudicate and impose penalties which are laid down in legislation. The sanctions available to the Control Committee are very severe and include large monetary fines, prize money forfeiture, revocation of trainers licences, exclusion from the industry and the imposition of additional testing on an individual’s greyhounds.

IGB is committed to ensuring that the organisation operates to the best international regulatory practice. In January, the Laboratory in Limerick took delivery of a new state of the art analytical system that allows for the detection of substances, including anabolic steroids, at very low levels in samples taken from greyhounds. The new equipment which cost €400,000 has now been commissioned. This, and a raft of regulatory improvements introduced in the past two years demonstrate IGB’s intent as does IGB’s demands for more robust legislation to support its regulation efforts.

Morris Report

The Morris report which was referenced in the programme was commissioned by the Board to provide  a rigorous, independent  examination of IGB’s regulation and integrity programmes. By the time that report was published, IGB’s regulation programme was already being transformed, with very concrete achievements.
In the past two years, IGB has introduced new regulations which enable it to :
·         Publish all laboratory results where there is an adverse analytical finding
·         Prohibit a greyhound from racing when an adverse analytical finding has been made, until such time as a test for prohibited substances has been carried out and the result of the test is negative
·         Publish all Control Committee decisions
·         Undertake out of competition testing at kennels
There has been a significant ramping up of Bord na gCon's testing regime and of the sanctions it imposes, using the existing legislative framework. These include:
·         In-competition testing at all high profile events
·         Testing at greyhound sales and trials
·         Prosecutions under the Welfare of Greyhounds Act 2011
·         Stricter licensing conditions on trainers' licences
·         Investigation and prosecution of cases involving anabolic steroids
·         Revocation of licences of trainers found to have committed anti-doping breaches
·         Issuing of Disqualification Orders of the involved Greyhounds;
In additional initiatives, IGB has established a Scientific Committee of national and international experts to advise it on matters relating to doping and medication control. IGB has led the establishment of an operational regulatory stakeholder group, the Management of Intelligence and Drugs Action in Sports (MIDAS) to share best practice on rules, research and intelligence in so far as is permitted within existing legislation. MIDAS comprises senior representatives from IGB, Horse Racing Ireland, Irish Turf Club, Irish Coursing Club, Special Investigations Unit of the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine, Sport Ireland and the State Laboratory. As recently as yesterday, representatives of MIDAS addressed the 2017 Tackling Doping in Sport Conference at London Wembley.


The Irish Greyhound Board’s Code of Practice in the Care and Welfare of the Greyhound informs
stakeholders of  welfare standards within the industry. The primary objective of the code is to clearly define what is expected of all individuals engaged in the care and management of registered greyhounds. It addresses the main areas of activity and defines the legislation of which owners, breeders and trainers must be cognisant while active within the greyhound industry. IGB investigates any report of ill treatment of greyhounds.

 IGB undertakes circa 600 unannounced kennels inspection annually and the Board takes a robust view of any non compliance with standards. By way of example, the Board successfully  took prosecutions in the District Court in 2015 and 2016 for breaches of the Welfare of Greyhounds Act 2011.The standard of care in Irish kennels is very high and is in no way reflective of the images of ill treated greyhounds shown on the Prime Time programme.

IGB works closely with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine to advance welfare legislation as was reflected in new provisions in the Welfare of Greyhounds Act 2011.

The Board is a strong advocate of micro-chipping of dogs which was introduced by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and IGB is in favour of further steps to ensure a robust process for the traceability of all greyhounds.

The Irish Retired Greyhound Trust, a registered charity set up by the IGB, works with owners to rehome greyhounds after retirement and in promoting greyhounds as domestic pets. The Irish Retired Greyhound also supports, through the provision of financial assistance, a number of rehoming agencies in Ireland, Europe and North America who are involved in the rehoming of retired Irish greyhounds. The charity is funded through a 2% deduction from all winning prize money with matching contributions from the IGB.

The Board has recently amended its racing regulations to require every person who keeps greyhounds to maintain a record of all animal remedies and veterinary treatments administered to greyhounds.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A Plea for Resolution to Dublin Stand-off (**IGB RESPOND)

Issued on behalf of Brian Cowen and Ivan Yates

Former Taoiseach, Brian Cowen and former Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Ivan Yates, have jointly called on the Dublin Greyhound Owners and Breeders Association (DGOBA) and the Irish Greyhound Board (IGB) to enter into mediated talks forthwith to resolve issues arising from the absence of greyhound racing in Dublin.

In an intervention this morning, Mr Cowen and Mr Yates issued the following joint statement:
“We have watched the standoff between DGOBA and the Board with increasing concern in recent weeks. As people who have an interest in the wellbeing of the industry and understand its value, we are worried that the current dispute could inflict very serious damage on all industry stakeholders, including owners, trainers as well as the Board’s employees.  As a matter of urgency, we appeal to both sides to sit down under the chairmanship of Kieran Mulvey to try to break the impasse. If there is goodwill on both sides, we believe that this can be achieved so that racing can be restarted in Dublin for the benefit of everyone involved in the industry.”

 IGB Response to call for mediated talks to resolve Dublin Greyhound Industry Issues

Wednesday 8th March 2017

The Irish Greyhound Board notes the concerns expressed by Brian Cowen and Ivan Yates and appreciates their interest. The Board is extremely anxious to resolve the current difficulties and are willing to  participate in discussions with the Dublin Greyhound Owners and Breeders Association, under the chairmanship of Kieran Mulvey, as suggested.

Further responses:

 Jimmy O’Hanlon, Chairman of the DGOBA said: “We will definitely turn up. It is a worrying situation for the industry the way it is going. But we are firm in our stance and we want to see racing at Harold’s Cross”.

Dr Sean Brady, Interim CEO of the IGB said: “The Irish Greyhound Board notes the concerns expressed by Brian Cowen and Ivan Yates and appreciates their interest. The Board is extremely anxious to resolve the current difficulties and are willing to participate in discussions with the Dublin Greyhound Owners and Breeders Association, under the chairmanship of Kieran Mulvey, as suggested”.

Sunday, 5 March 2017


One of the best greyhounds of his own or any generation, the 2016 Con & Annie Kirby champion Droopys Roddick (Droopys Jet/Droopys Start) has been retired due to a recurrence of the wrist injury sustained during last year's Derby.

Nursed back with an eye on a comeback, he held up well to gallops and a hand-slip prior to his sprint trial at Tralee on Friday but Pauline Buckley confirmed the same injury had come back to haunt him.

He will remain with team Buckley as they again treat the injury before returning to Portlaw to stand at stud with his breeders.

Winning an English Puppy Derby, Con & Annie Kirby Memorial and Dundalk International, Roddick gathered yet more fans in a brilliant effort to win the English Derby when only narrowly denied by Jaytee Jet in a photo-finish last season and will be remembered as a true superstar of the sport who never knew when he was beat.

2016 Con & Annie Kirby Final.

2016 Dundalk International

Friday, 3 March 2017

Con & Annie Kirby Memorial 2017

GRGracing has provided the most comprehensive coverage of the Con & Annie Kirby Memorial Puppy Stake since it's inception in 2013 and continuing in the same thread, this year adds a dedicated micro-site which can be your one stop website for the latest news, analysis, rumour and facts from the richest puppy race on the planet.

http://grgkirby.blogspot.ie/ is now live in anticipation of another wonderful renewal of this hugely prestigious event.

Click the pic!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Latest News

The Irish Greyhound Board has ruled out any further track closures as a means to achieve recovery in the industry.

IGB chairman, Phil Meaney, said the Board believed the national footprint of the industry was one of its great strengths. “ Increased participation at all levels in the industry is essential if we are to meet the considerable challenges the industry faces and tracks around the country are an essential resource in doing this. Tracks outside the main population areas play a very important role in the industry which is not always understood and are the primary basis through  which the dog pool can  be maintained and ownership increased.”

Mr. Meaney added: “ The decision to close and to sell Harolds Cross Stadium, although difficult for everyone involved,  is  designed for a specific purpose which is to reduce the level of legacy debt which the industry is trying to manage. The sale of the stadium is essential  if the industry is to stabilise its finances and enter a more positive phase .”

SIS and the Irish Greyhound Board add Tralee fixture

Monday 27th February, 2017 – SIS, a trusted partner to the retail and online betting markets, and the Irish Greyhound Board have announced an additional fixture to be broadcast during Saturday mornings from Tralee greyhound stadium.

The new fixture will be available to UK and Irish betting shops, and online operators as part of SIS’s exclusive streaming portfolio.

Commencing on March 4th 2017, the meeting will consist of eight races with the first starting at 9.11am. Later races will dovetail the SIS existing retail shop greyhound coverage from Crayford and Romford.

SIS already own exclusive rights to broadcast three fixtures in Ireland, with current offerings from Youghal on Monday evenings, Mullingar on Sunday afternoons and a second fixture at Tralee on Tuesday evenings.

Paul Witten, Commercial Director at SIS said: “We have added a second fixture from Tralee to our retail and online programs, following customer demand for greater coverage at suitable times and we see the Saturday morning slot as one of those times.

“SIS endeavour to offer premium content and streaming provision across all bookmaker channels and the new deal will complement this, thanks to the help of the IGB.

Joe Lewins at IGB said: “this gives us a further opportunity to showcase our racing product to the SIS audience and to build on the success of the three meetings currently being broadcast throughout Ireland and the UK”.

The extra meeting will add to SIS’ exclusive coverage across the UK and Ireland including horse racing and greyhounds, all facilitated by their market leading low latency streaming platform, SIS Stream.

SIS’ greyhound offering currently includes 30,000 races a year, making it the most comprehensive in the market.

Major Upgrading of Irish Greyhound Board’s Laboratory Infrastructure

The Irish Greyhound Board’s programme to enhance integrity in the sport has been significantly strengthened through a major upgrading of its laboratory testing infrastructure.

The Laboratory in Limerick this week commissioned a new state of the art analytical system that allows for the detection of substances, including anabolic steroids, at very low levels in samples taken from greyhounds.

The new top of the range equipment belongs to the triple-quadrupole liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC–MS) class of systems. It is very sensitive allowing for the detection of drugs such as anabolic steroids which may have been administered a considerable time before the greyhound was sampled and thus have very low levels of residues remaining in the sample. It will, for example, greatly improve the laboratory’s ability to detect metabolites of the anabolic steroid Stanozolol in samples from greyhounds.

Critically, the machine allows for a very large increase in the number of drugs which can be targeted in each analytical run on individual samples taken from greyhounds. This greatly improves the efficiency with which doping substances can be targeted in a drug control laboratory and allows for the potential to expand coverage to meet future needs.

Phil Meaney, chairman of the Irish Greyhound Board, said the installation of the new analytical system was the latest in a series of initiatives to establish a regulatory and enforcement environment that targeted non compliance with anti doping and medication controls.

“Last year, 5,383 samples taken from participating greyhounds were analysed at the IGB laboratory. Our stated intention is to eliminate any breaches of protocols and we won’t allow a small minority of owners or trainers to jeopardise our industry or our sport. This addition to our laboratory systems will greatly enhance our ability in that respect”, he said.