Tuesday, 14 March 2017

National Greyhound Sales

Below is the link to the live streaming of the National Greyhound Sales which take place in Curraheen Park Greyhound Stadium this Saturday March 25th 


The second National Greyhound Sales is fast approaching, as Curraheen Park prepares to host the event on Saturday 25th March. The Cork event follows the success of one hosted in Shelbourne Park in August 2016.

The “Lets Get Racing” event will be open to both unraced & raced greyhounds. In order to qualify for the sales, greyhounds must have recorded A6 or N1 grade.  The focus for this event is to encourage syndicates to get involved in greyhound ownership.

The “Let’s Get Racing Initiative” was developed by the Sales and Ownership Committee, which includes representatives of the IGB Regulation & Welfare Department, Greyhound Stadia and Greyhound Industry representatives. The event is supported by sponsors Red Mills and www.FFKSires.com and Droopys Stud.

All greyhounds purchased at this sale will be eligible for exclusive entry into two stakes - one for previously raced greyhounds and one for Unraced.  Both 525yd Sweepstakes will be held in April, with an expected combined prize fund of over €20,000.  The winners' prize-money for both stakes is €4,000.  There will also be a consolation stake for all greyhounds beaten in the first round, therefore guaranteeing each greyhound at least two runs.  There will also be a prize of €500.00 for each of the main stakes to the last remaining bitch.

Speaking at the launch of the initiative in January, Phil Meaney, Chairman of the Irish Greyhound Board said “The inaugural National Greyhound Sales hosted in 2016 was an exciting opportunity for the Irish public to become involved in Greyhound Ownership and saw the highest price ever paid for an Irish greyhound at auction.  Based on the success of that event, the concept has now been developed to focus on attracting syndicates to greyhound ownership.   All of the greyhounds will be ready to race, and new owners will have the chance to get involved straight away with entry to the sales sweepstakes being hosted in Curraheen Park Greyhound Stadium.  I would like to particularly acknowledge again the sponsorship and support of Red Mills and www.ffksires.com and Droopys Stud in bringing this project to life. ”

Further information on the event, and Greyhound Ownership, can be found on www.ownagreyhound.ie.

Conditions of Sales:
•        Maximum number of entries to be 80
•        All greyhounds entered must be whelped October 2014 or later
•        All greyhounds entered must have at least one successful qualifying trial over 525 Yards and be A6 or better if raced or N1 or better if Unraced
•        All Sales Entries to be made to: Sales Office, Curraheen Park Greyhound Stadium, Curraheen, Cork.
•        Standard Sales Entry Forms and I.D. Cards and Entry Fee of €20 to accompany all entries
•        Closing date for sales entries is after racing Saturday 18th March
•        Catalogue to be drawn up with raced greyhounds first (sorted by age with youngest first) followed by unraced greyhounds (sorted by age with youngest first)

•        Raced greyhounds to trial against raced greyhounds and unraced greyhounds to trial against unraced greyhounds

•        Weigh in to commence at 8.30am with Sales Trials commencing at 9am
•        All Sales Trials to be run over 525 Yards
•        No Seeding in Unraced  Sales Trials
•        Seeding for raced greyhounds to be specified on Entry Form
•        All greyhounds which run Sales Trials to go on bench
•        The Identity Cards for greyhounds which are not sold are to be held for two weeks following Sales
•        All greyhounds to be available for inspection by potential purchasers
•        All greyhounds trailing at the Sales to be tested on the day with greyhounds being tested after their Sales Trials
•        All greyhounds to be kennelled up after trialling
•        Samples to be taken at the Sales pursuant to the Greyhound Industry (Racing) Regulations 2007
•        All greyhounds have to be paid for on the day
•        Commission 5.45% (includes vat)
•        The facility to complete Transfer of Ownership to be available on the day of the Sales
•        Auction to commence at 11am - Auction to conclude at 2pm
•        Sale of all greyhounds at these Sales is subject to greyhounds being permitted to run in the follow-on Sweepstakes

Eligibility for Follow-on Stakes:
•        Greyhounds which are sold through the Auction
•         Greyhounds withdrawn from the Auction unsold providing that the owner has paid the commission on the unsold price (i.e. commission on the last recorded bid)
•        Greyhounds tested which return an Adverse Analytical Finding will not be eligible for the Stake
•        All greyhounds sold at the Sales are to be transferred into the names of the new owners prior to the draws for the Follow-on Sweepstakes

Conditions for Follow-on Stakes:
•        A Sweepstake for the Raced greyhounds and a Sweepstake for the Unraced greyhounds will be organised for the greyhounds which are sold through the Auction and for the greyhounds withdrawn from the Auction unsold providing that the owner has paid the commission on the unsold price
•        Each Sweepstakes (Entry Fee €20) to carry a winners prize of €4000 with a prize of €500 available for the last remaining bitch in each event
•        Greyhounds which are eliminated from the First Round of Sweepstakes may enter into a further Sweepstake (Free Entry) which will carry a winners prize of €1000
•        Greyhounds listed as reserves for Main Sweep must run in Main Sweep if required

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