Thursday, 15 June 2017

Proposals for Settlement between IGB and DGOBA


The following set of Proposals for Settlement of the above dispute were agreed for recommendation to the IGB and the members of DGOBA after mediation/negotiations between both parties. The proposed agreement is designed to restore a positive working relationship between both parties, to reopen greyhound racing in Dublin, and to facilitate the interests of the Harolds Cross Greyhound Community in the transition and future involvement at Shelbourne Park.
Dublin Greyhound Racing Advisory Council

The Shelbourne Park Advisory Council is already in existence. To facilitate the integration of the Harolds Cross greyhound racing community in Shelbourne Park, two additional members, one nominee each from DGOBA and IGB will be appointed.

Harolds Cross Racing Manager @ Shelbourne Park
A dedicated racing manager will be provided in Shelbourne Park for Harolds Cross racining. The Harolds Cross Racing Manager will not provide cover for the Shelbourne Park RM and vice versa. Rostering is the responsibility of the Head of Regulation.

Tuesday/Friday Night Racing Shelbourne Park
All Tuesday/Friday race card will have Harolds Cross Racing @ Shelbourne Park. All dogs racing at Shelbourne Park will have SPK on their form guide.

Racing on Tuesday nights will be confined to Harolds Cross regulars within reason. The Friday night card will reflect the type racing previously undertaken in Harolds Cross.

Tuesday Nights in Shlebourne Park
Tuesday Nights racing is guaranteed until the end of the current IGB Board term, which concludes December 2018.

DGOBA Meetings
IGB will facilitate DGOBA meetings by providing a suite on the relevant Tuesday nights.
All trainers and owners with runners in Shelbourne Park will receive a voucher for a free Tea or Coffee to be redeemed in the Shelbourne Park Food Hall. The current tea facilities in the kennels will be discontinued.

Private Trials
Private trials will be granted at Shelbourne Park until the end of the current IGB Board term, which concludes December 2018. The impact of the trials on Shelbourne Park business & industry will be reviewed in Jan 2019.

Two copies of the official trap draws before and after will be posted on the Shelbourne Park notice boards for every meeting. Drug testing will be undertaken in accordance with the IGB rule book. When possible a DGOBA member will witness the random test draws.

Dispute Resolution Officer
A dispute resolution officer will be appointed to manage any disputes that may arise as a result of the integration of Harolds Cross racing into Shelbourne Park.

Harolds Cross Parade Coats
These will be transferred to Shelbourne Park for use on Tuesdays and Friday nights.

Dublin Cup
IGB will sponsor the Dublin Cup for €10,000 for the next 3 years (2018,2019,2020). Stipulations to be decided by DGOBA as normal with priority given to their members.

Harolds Cross Classics and Stakes
All HRX Classics and Stakes will remain on Tuesdays and Friday Night cards.

Greyhound Awards
These awards for Bitch/Dog/Trainer & Owner will take place quarterly. Prize, provided by IGB will be a €50 voucher and presentation jacket.

Annual Awards
IGB will provide a suite and finger food for the awards night which will be held on a Tuesday. Trophies will also be provided by IGB.

Harolds Cross Fund Raising Nights
Unless otherwise requested the Harolds Cross Benefit Nights will continue on the Tuesday and Friday nights in Shelbourne Park.

DGOBA Funding
DGOBA to receive a free benefit night to raise funds for DGOBA, annually for the next 5 years.

Transfer of Racing
First Friday Night:11 Race Card, 1st €500, 2nd €150, 3rd €75
Complimentary Bus Transfer provided from Harolds Cross to Shelbourne Park (duration to be confirmed). Those on bus receive free entry to racing in Shelbourne on Tuesday nights for the first 4 weeks.

For the initial 8 week period all prize money will increase by 50% on Tuesdays and Fridays.
A €3,000 stake will be run monthly for 12/24 greyhounds for the first year of racing in Shelbourne Park.

Valentines night pre-booked patrons will receive complimentary dinner/drink on Tuesday/Friday nights.

IGB Board Representation
The mediator will convey to the Ministers the strong view of the DGOBA that in the event of a future vacancy arising on the Board of the IGB, that an agreed representative from the greyhound stakeholders be appointed to the Board, and that in the new greyhound industry legislation should make statutory provision for the appointment of greyhound stakeholders to the board.

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