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Such has been the trend in major events over the past few seasons that there is hardly any need for panic when entries are slow to arrive, even in the last week before deadline but Eddie Anderson would welcome a deluge of names for the 2018 Larry O’Rourke sponsored National Produce Stakes which commences on Sunday week, May 6th.

Carrying a €20,000 winner’s prize, entries will close on this coming Tuesday at 10 am in readiness for the draw but having not reached the halfway point in the search for 54 runners as of yet, all at Clonmel would appreciate entries as soon as possible.

So many of the bigger events get labelled as classics in the modern era but in truth, there are only a handful of true original classics and the National Produce Stakes holds a special place in the history of Irish greyhound racing since first claimed by Sporting Fancy in 19.39!

Indeed, with the changing complexion of racing in modern times and a shift to 550 yards for many major events, it is the younger generation of the sport who enjoy the greater opportunity to contest for major honours as even the English Derby has now gone beyond the previously traditional 525 yard classic distance and the Produce Stakes is a precious opportunity for youngsters who will see their options limited at that trip as they advance.

Of course we always expect the major kennels to fill the bulk of entries in the classics and it can be daunting for smaller outfits to entertain the thought of a classic entry in exalted company. That is something that my own family kennels have been guilty of in the past but in reality, there is simply nothing to be lost in contesting these events with promising young racers and inspection of the recent Kirby Memorial will reveal many in the latter stages that were graded racers before heading for Limerick! How well did they advertise their breeding line, their dam or even their attractiveness as a possible prospect for sale?

To emphasise, 2015 winner Ballybough Mondo entered the event while graded A2, Whiteys Hawk was an unraced Novice Open before the first round in 2011, a year after Faypoint Dave entered the event as an A1 runner in 2010.

With four to qualify from each of the opening two rounds of the Produce Stakes, it should be noted that all bar 18 of the 54 entries will get their entry fee back at the very minimum.


For 54 greyhounds @ €70 each that were whelped in 2016. It’s important to note that the first four will qualify from the FIRST & SECOND rounds so all bar the 18 greyhounds eliminated from the first round will, at least, get their money back.

WINNER: €20,000 & TROPHY

First Round: SUNDAY, MAY 6

Entries Close: Tuesday, May 1 at 10 am Draw will take place at 12

Entries to Eddie Anderson at 052-6183334 /

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